Product Name : XE-500/1000/1500 (CNC/NC)Gundrilling Machine
Product Introduction

Microdrilling XE-500/1000/1500 CNC/NC Gundrilling Machine

XE Type: Gundrill rotates/ workpiece fixed on the fixture


Applications of Microdrilling XE-500/1000/1500 CNC/NC Gundrilling Machine

  • XE type machines are suitable for the production of small & medium components shafts, mandrels
  • The Servo motor and Ball screw are used for the feed mechanism to insure smooth and convenient feed rate adjustment.
  • Hardened and ground Main slide ways to hardness HRC 60. The opposite ways and gibs are all Turcite-B plated with the hand-scraped bearing surface
  • Suspending type operate panel and MPG(Hand wheel) for easier setting and operation.
  • An automatic lubrication pump is provided as a standard accessory to ensure all the bearing surfaces and screws are well-lubricated.
  • The machine could be controlled by CNC or a conventional model with a PLC&man-machine interface.
  • CE marks are available for special requirements.
SpecificationModel No.XE-500 (CNC/NC)XE-1000 (CNC/NC)XE-1500 (CNC/NC)
Drill Capacity Hole dia Ø3~Ø12 mm , Ø10~Ø25 mm (Option)
Max. depth (Z) 500 mm 1000 mm 1500 mm
No. of spindle 1~4 spindles
Power Spindle motor 3~5 HP (with inverter)
Drill spindle feed (Z) Servo motor 850~1300W / 5.39~8.34 N.M..
High-pressure motor 3~7.5 HP
Speed Max. spindle speed 6000 rpm
Drill Speed 10~ 150 mm/min
Rapid 5000 mm/min
Ball screw for feeds Spindle infeed(Z) Ø40 x P10 x C3
High-pressure pump
(Every spindle one set)
Pump output 40~150 Liter/min
Max. pressure 100~150 kgs / cm²
Coolant tank 800~1600 Liter
Floor space 3000 x 3300 mm 3000 x 4300 mm 3000 x 5300 mm
Net weight 2100 kgs 2600 kgs 3100 kgs
Standard accessories
  1. High-pressure coolant pump
  2. Automatic lubricator
  3. Toolbox with tools
Optional accessories
  1. Magnetic separator + Paper filter unit
  2. Chip conveyor
  3. Coolant cooler
  4. Gundrill grinder
  5. Special clamping fixture for special purpose
  6. Specially designed auto-loading & unloading device
  7. CE Certificate