Product Name : Honing Machine
Product Introduction

Vertical Precision Deep Hole Honing Machine HS-4000

Precision Deep Hole Honing Machine

Honge vertical honing machine can used for: hydraulic cylinder, barrel for plastic injection machine, cylinder for vessels, special-purpose applications. The easily-operation vertical double column deep hole honing machine and max. depth up to 6000mm

SpecificationModel No.HS-2000G-HS-6000HS-1000-2-HS-4000-2SVS-1000~VS-2000
Honing Capacity Hole dia Ø25~Ø300mm Ø14~Ø70mm
Max. depth (Z) 2000~6000mm 1000~4000mm 1000~2000mm
No. of spindle 1 spindle 2 spindle 1 spindle
Power Spindle Hydraulic motor 20~30 HP x 4P 10~20 HP (Servo Motor)
Coolant pump motor 1 HP
Spindle Speed Max. spindle speed 25~125 rpm 25~200 rpm 50~400 rpm
Worktable Table size 850 x 850mm 1050 x 1060mm 850 x 850mm
Worktable longitudinal traverse 700mm 900mm 500mm
Operate stand Vertical traverse 1000~5500mm 1000~2000mm
Machine base Over high 5000~14000mm 2500~4500mm
Width of column 1500~1960mm 2000~2500mm  
Coolant cooler Water cooler 300~600 300~600
Controller PLC PLC